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At Fidelity Bank, our guiding principle for managing people is to have a meritocratic system in which all people management decisions such as promotion, reward, development, placement, etc., are based on high performance that is aligned to business objectives.

We appreciate the importance of and believe in recognizing individual quality and rewarding good performance. We believe that the skills, effort and dedicated work of our people should be celebrated and rewarded. It is important to note that our reward and benefits vary depending on your area of work and the responsibilities you cover within the bank.


We have taken steps to ensure that our reward policy and practice are closely linked to business performance and aligned with our employees and shareholders’ interest.

Our culture is one based on high performance where our employees clearly make the link between business priorities and their contribution to making it a reality. Every employee recognizes the need to add value for customers and shareholders.

We offer a good blend of reward and benefits that meet and in most cases exceed the varied and changing industry practice.


Our employee benefits include salary, discretionary annual bonus, performance incentives, learning and development for your personal and professional growth, flexible working hours, annual leave, health care management and pension benefits amongst others.

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